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Pepper Shot saved my life.

Hi, my name is Alex and I want to share with you a true story of how Pepper Shot saved my life. This stuff works and it deterred what would have been a very sad ending by either going to a hospital with a very serious injury to my spine or losing my life. To me, being prepared is like having a big advantage with any situation, especially, when it comes to defending yourself from a surprise assault.

One day getting off the train, I was walking the rest of the way home from work through a fenced in overpass. Minding my own business, three guys passed me going the opposite direction. I didn’t think anything about it and kept on walking. Out of nowhere, I was assaulted by someone from behind me with an arm around my neck in a choke hold and what felt like a sharp object pressed on my back. This person demanded that I give up my wallet to him. I was stunned for a second then realizing that I’m under attack. I remembered that I had bought Pepper Shot and it was in my pocket luckily with my hand close to it too. I acted like I was complying with his demand grabbing  Pepper Shot and slowly removing it from my pocket and raising it just above my left shoulder. And then, I pressed the button and a strong stream hit this guy in the face. He didn’t know what hit him. He let out a loud scream of burning pain. His arm let go of my neck and he also dropped his knife on the floor. I turned around and it was one of the three guys that just passed me a couple of minutes ago. He was wearing a three-hole knitted mask. I must have got him really good in the eyes because he couldn’t see and he was stumbling around finally kneeling on to the concrete floor of the overpass. I was able to walk away from this assault, of course, watching my back, The other two guys ran to their friend to help him. They didn’t even bother to run after me because they were probably thinking they would have suffered the same fate.

I was pretty lucky that day to walk away unscathed. I could imagine in my mind what would have happened if I didn’t have an equalizer like Pepper Shot in my pocket. I can assure you one thing, it wouldn’t have been a very good ending for me. Thank goodness I did have it and it turned out to be just the opposite scenario, a good ending. Hopefully, this individual learned his lesson and will think twice before he attacks another individual.

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