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How my Auto Safety Tool helped someone out of their burning car

I was driving down the road at around 8 pm going to a drive-in movie one summer evening. While driving on my way, I noticed on the other side of the road was a car that had run into a telephone pole. I didn’t see anyone around the car, so I had pulled over, quickly grabbed my Auto Safety Tool and got out of my car. It was kind of dark out so I turned on my Auto Safety Tool to light up the way crossing the road. As I approached the vehicle, I observed the driver was unconscious. There was smoke rising from under the hood. Then all of a sudden, the engine caught on fire.

I tensed up a little and the only thing on my mind was getting the unconscious driver out of the car. I tried to open the driver’s side door, but it was locked. I pulled on my Auto Safety Tool to uncover the car charger end, which is also used for emergency window breaking. I rammed it into the window smashing it to pieces. I opened the door as fast as I could, then I used my Auto Safety Tool again and used the cutter to cut the seatbelt off of the driver. Quickly and carefully, I grabbed and dragged the driver out of the car and away as far as I could to a safe area. The driver was still unconscious, so I got my cell phone and dialed 911. Help was on its way. The Auto Safety Tool was one of the best things I had ever purchased that saved a life. I’m just glad I was there to help that person in need of assistance, just in the nick of time too.


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